Going deep

drawing by Kane Lynch (kanelynch.com)

drawing by Kane Lynch (kanelynch.com)

Being a good soldier, I jumped back into training shortly after Kona and got ready for IM Los Cabos taking place, for the last time, in mid-November. I signed up early in the year, so thought I should go and get it done.

In the back of my mind were Kona thoughts, 2018 Kona thoughts… I felt strong again soon after Kona, and the family wants to go back to the Big Island, both of which provided inspiration. I have raced Los Cabos before, so this was a known entity, as much as races go. Also, the field was small, giving all a better than usual shot at grabbing a qualifying slot. Finally, I like Mexico, for its people. I have always been received with friendship there. So, I went willingly, with anticipation and great plans.

Of course, things never go to plan in IM racing. I was suffering mightily on the bike by mile 80, and it just got incrementally worse as time passed and the remaining distance shrank. Running was no better, then no option, I was reduced to walking, fatigued throughout. I dragged myself to the finish, a complete wreck.

I should have felt deflated I guess, not living up to my own expectations, getting another slow time on the books… But I haven’t felt that. I still don’t. I have tried as hard as I could. I went far beyond what was comfortable, past the reasonable, getting to a territory that I have not been to before, beyond what would be considered safe. I feel good about daring to go there, and getting home afterwards.