I hope you will find something interesting here, even thought-provoking, worthy of return visits. Much of it is about long triathlons, at least that is the context. As there is more to life than triathlon, hopefully there is more to these pages as well.



The What, why & Who

We have created this website to host blogs by select triathletes, each coming to the sport with different goals and aspirations. Instead of science, strategy, tactics, technique and gear, which is perfectly covered by others, on these pages we talk about the lifestyle aspects of our sport. 

We write to capture our own thoughts, hopes and fears.

And a few words about each of our triathletes.

The age-grouper

The Age Grouper is addicted to triathlon. Unfortunately, that does not make him fast. However, it provides him with stress release and a sense of accomplishment, through training, every day. He feels lucky that he has found the sport, and that he gets to engage in it at some depth. And that his family understands it.

The Future Pro is talented. But he needed to quit a job and focus on training to find out how talented he really is. He quit, and now he is on a crusade to see how high he can rise in the ranks of the best athletes in the sport. He is giving himself a season, maybe two, to reach that conclusion.