No gain

drawing by Kane Lynch (

drawing by Kane Lynch (

We have tested power on the bike yesterday, and it confirmed what I suspected after testing run speed a few weeks ago. Power is still off, by a significant margin, below where we were a year ago. There is no explanation, just the confirmation that I have not yet climbed out of the hole I found myself in in Langkawi.

What is the significance of this, why is this worth typing up here? Nothing really, it just shows the silly things I worry about, taking the sport a bit too seriously. I never had much power, now I have a bit less, and in a few months I will have undoubtedly a bit more. For the outside observer the difference is whether I ride "slow", "kinda slow" or "not that fast". 

What matters is that I am keeping active, training an hour or two every day, and it feels good. That I will be participating in some fantastic races soon enough, in some of the most beautiful places in the whole wide world, with people that I - at the end of the day - like and identify with. It matters that I would love to get in a training ride or two in California, on 101 in Santa Cruz, or that costal bike trail south of LA,  or somewhere in Marin. The fact that I desire something that wholesome matters. It also matters that I may actually be able to get in those Cali rides soon enough. 

But back to power for a second, I can't leave that topic just like that, right? Here is my action plan: I will finally remove the remnants of the Langkawi race number sticker from my bike. There can be some bad modjo going on here... Also, I will swap a black bottle cage to a red one as soon as possible. The order has been placed, and I am waiting for delivery. That change will certainly add free speed.